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The incredible mobile options open to New Zealand casino players are simply unsurpassed. Many sites boast phenomenal games and graphics, and eye-watering bonuses and jackpots. With the cheaper wagering and luxurious convenience of gaming on the go, the lucky players of today are downright spoilt!

Considering the life-changing sums that can be won, strong security is an absolute essential for any self-respecting online or mobile casino games. There are several trustworthy electronic payment systems, which always strive to deliver this safety and the peace of mind that comes with it. Continually ensuring the necessary high standards online is challenging, and different players also have different banking needs and preferences. Users should always consider their options and their own requirements carefully when making this important decision!

POLi Mobile Casino Games NZ

The “Pay Online” system, or POLi, is one of the finest and most user-friendly systems available for New Zealand POLi mobile casino players today. It is owned and operated by a Melbourne-based company called Cetricom Pty Ltd, which was stabilised in 2003. Players are able to use their normal internet banking to pay online establishments without requiring any credit card details. For players who are wary of the security risks that come with sharing information online, this is very appealing. The system is also very widely used, with over 33 million clients, so almost all reputable mobile casinos that accept POLi. Some even offer exclusive bonuses to players using this method!

POLi’s designers have really tried to simplify everything as much as possible. It is very user-friendly and understandable, starting with a website that is very easy to navigate. Players can view a great demo and outline, with clear explanations, to help them understand the system. If players do run into any trouble, superb customer support is available via email and a very comprehensive FAQ page.

The first step to using the system is a simple download of the POLi casino software. Players need to confirm that their personal computers meet the requirements by checking on the website, which also provides guidelines for upgrading and installing software. Then when they are ready to deposit funds into their POLi casino accounts, they simply go to a casino’s banking interface, select POLi and login by selecting their bank, The new transaction software automatically fills in all payment details, and users confirm the bank transfer. The only charges incurred are the bank’s electronic transfer fees – the system itself is completely free!

By working through existing bank accounts, the system is able to provide all the security that these trusted institutions provide. No personal details are ever distributed to anyone, and the system itself also has no access to the personal details or internet banking passwords of any of its clients. These superior security levels ensure absolute peace of mind to players, so they can concentrate on the important task of enjoying their game time!

The only disadvantage of this fantastic system is that it is not available for withdrawals at the moment. Players need to take this into consideration and decide on another system for cashing funds out. However, POLi’s ease and simplicity is unsurpassed, and many players feel this more than makes up for any cashing out inconvenience!

The superb security, service and user-friendly simplicity make this system hugely appealing, and worthy of some proper investigation! All New Zealand players that use iPhone casino games, are seriously encouraged to consider this excellent POLi mobile casino banking option.

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